January 06, 2005

People need some fucking manners.

I had a wrong number call my cell phone yesterday. Not once. Not twice. Five times. Three were right in a row, and right when I didn't have time to mess with it. Did that person think that the fourth pass at that same phone number would bring them to someone else's voice mail?

When I finally answered, the woman hung up on my. I know it was a woman, because I got a "Sorry wrong number" from her one call later.


Someone else called an unmanned cell phone in the cubicle farm at work yesterday over and over and over and over. The ring tone was "heart and soul." The phone's owner was away, but the psychopath trying to reach him/her would not give up. In fact, the psychopath wouldn't even pause. There was less than a 30-second delay between attempts.

And just now, I was coming out of the restroom when someone entering opened the door in my face. "Whoah," he said. Not "excuse me." "Whoa."