Mailbag III

July 21, 2004

When I got to work this morning, I had a note on my computer that said, "Check in the morning." I had the sense yesterday evening to write a note, knowing that I would forget to check. However, I neglected to tell myself what I was checking. Getting old sucks.

But that's irrelevant to the mail column. You guys really haven't sent me anything I can use, although I'm happy that there's finally some regular posting on the bulletin board . Keep it up. Now to the mailbag.


From: Sarah Schultz

I was supposed to email you two days ago to clean out your fridge before
Crystal comes.

Nice job on the follow-up. I'm impressed. If you're clueless, see On the Refrigerator Door

From: Sarah Schultz

If you are going to be so asshole-ish with your voting poll thing, you
might as well make good by posting a link to our wedding web page (which
is totally not complete yet).

Well... okay (despite the name calling). I have just started a "Link of the Week" on the main page. But you left out something very important there.

From: Sarah Schultz

Here is the uRL

Aah. Now you've got it. That goofy capitalization is from the original message, not just another example of poor editing by the writer.

This one's classic....

From: Cathy Schultz

Got your email and a chance to read some of your web site. You complain of not being able to find your keys, wallet, etc. Well, let me tell you, you know you are going to have a bad day when you get dressed but can't find your BOOB. Now that is bad! Almost everyday I'll be walking down the street and also think that I have forgotten to "bring my boob" and have to feel myself to see if I'm properly dressed! Actually, only once was I walking down Soi 23 and realized that I had only one boob with me. It was night time, I was just going to 7-11 so it didn't really matter.

You asked what Sam and I have been doing. Well, not too much. He has bought a lot of movies. And, yes, I have been looking for "Ferris Buller takes a Vacation" but haven't been able to find it. I wonder why?

I saw an article in the Bangkok Post that I wanted to forward to the Jay Leno Show as I could just hear him reading it aloud on t.v. but Sam says we cannot mention the name of Jay Leno in front of Heather. He couldn't remember why but I will have to find out when I get home. The article was in reference to a big International AIDS conference that is being held in Thailand this week. Everyone who arrives at the airport is being given condoms. The article (and this was a serious article) said that "International size condoms were being given out. But if you were Thai, a smaller size was available upon request". No wonder Thais are such a meek, submissive group of people. When tiny condoms have to be made especially for them, it must affect their self-esteem!

Nice job Mom! Keep it up, and I'll give you your own column.