Look Alikes

January 29, 2009

I got an email earlier this week from Eddie, and the message just said, "This guy looks like you." The link was to a Fox News page, and I was about 50% certain that the picture was going to be Blagojevich, as I need a haircut more than an Olson twin needs a double cheeseburger.

It turned out to be this guy, and I'm not sure that I wouldn't have preferred it to be Blagojevich.

By the way -- and this one's no joke -- Eddie bears more than a passing resemblance to local Channel 9 reporter Greg Meriwether, with one obvious difference. If you were to hold them both up against the colored tooth chart that dentists use to see how white or yellow your teeth are, Eddie would be up there near the perfect gleaming white teeth, while you would need to be one of the heaviest coffee drinking smokers in the world to stain your teeth the shade of Greg.

Greg Meriwether Benny Blagojevich