Little Kid Valentine's Day

February 15, 2008

Yesterday, we went to a dumb little Valentines day party at Vanya's preschool. All the toddlers danced around while their teacher sang, and then we watched them eat their lunch. Then we watched them get grouchy as it came close to nap time.

I had completely forgotten about the elementary school, little crappy valentines that we had to give everyone in the class. Starting this with two year olds seems a bit silly, but it gives the teachers something different to do that day, I guess.

We had to go yesterday morning and get a pack of these crappy class valentines. Like two other of the seven sets of parents, we chose ones with cute dog pictures, but fortunately, they were all different. (A fourth set of parents had a cartoon dog.)

This whole thing made me remember an event from when I was in 3rd grade. I hadn't thought of it since, but I recalled it quite clearly.

Each student had some little bag attached to the front of his or her desk, and we were supposed to roam the room and drop valentines in each other's bags. At some point, W dropped a little valentine in a girls bag, and from across the room, I hard her say, "EWWWWW, BENNY GAVE ME A VALENTINE."

I didn't say anything, and I'm sure my thoughts weren't in the adult language that I recall them today, but my sentiment was definitely this: "You dumb bitch. Of course I'm giving you a valentine. My mom is making me give every single one of you valentines, even the boys. If you think this flimsy piece of paper is akin to bringing you flowers and candy, then your head is so far up your own ass that you can probably taste your own stomach acid."

I wish I had been that well-spoken in third grade.