Little Girls

October 05, 2006

My friends Steve and Jodie have two adorable little girls. He told me a story of how they were being entertained by his computer's screen saver.

He had one of those screen savers that scrolled through some collection of pictures and showed each picture for some number of seconds before rolling on to the next. Each time a new picture would come up, the girls would say "Ooooh. Doggie." Or "Ooooh. Airplane." Or whatever the picture was that came up.

Disclaimer: This image was not intended for the entertainment of your children.

Then, a picture came up that someone took during our Halloween party in 2004. It wasn't the one that I've pictured here, but it must have looked somewhat like this, but taking up the whole screen.

The girls said, "Ooooh. ... ..." They couldn't figure out what this could be. I can just see their puzzled little faces wondering what this is, and wondering why Daddy would include it in the collection of pretty pictures to pass on the screen.

I don't know if it would have been more or less funny if they had said, "Ooooh. Wonder Woman's package." Probably less.

I couldn't help but notice during the tailgate party for the Arizona game how many little girls our friends have. I'm not very good with kids' ages, but they're all of that age that's past toddler, but on the very small side of the "little kid" spectrum. There were five girls in that age range on that day (as well as one that I would still put in the toddler category).

It's really too bad that there were no similar-aged boys there that day. The girls had the freedom to run around and play, and not once did one kid grind dirt into anyone else's hair, poke anyone with a stick, or make anyone cry.

Uncle Benny needs to teach some of these girls to be troublemakers.