February 16, 2012

The media is bound and determined to make me hate Jeremy Lin. It's tough to do -- a great story, sure. But I haven't even been watching 24-7 ESPN like I do during football season, and I'm tired of hearing about the guy.

Comparisons to Tim Tebow are nuts, and I think coming from the overzealous Christians looking for a hero. Tebow was a Heisman trophy winner from a major college who was drafted in the first round. He's actually supposed to be good. Lin was undrafted and from Harvard. No one but basketball die-hards had even heard of him 12 days ago.

Comparisons like that are what will make me hate the kid. There are two people on earth who I would really like to see pushing daisies. In one case, it's a personal dislike. The other case is Tim Tebow.

A better comparison for Lin is Kurt Warner. He went from bagging groceries to leading one of the most prolific offenses in the history of the NFL in the course of a year.

But that isn't a good comparison either. Warner went on to put together what is probably a hall of fame career. Lin has had six amazing games in a major media market, but that's the equivalent of about 5 minutes of a football game.

Floyd Mayweather was criticized for saying that the hype is just because Lin is ethnically Chinese. He is definitely wrong about this -- the hype is because he outscored every other started in his first six games in the history of the NBA. But, I have to think that his ethnicity has a lot to do with why he wasn't drafted. I'm not going to bother looking up his stats from Harvard, but I bet they would show that this kid can play. I know there were at least a few scouts around the league who rated him highly, only to get laughed out of the draft room.

I haven't watched the guy play. And if all we see is highlight after highlight, I'll be rooting for the other team when I finally do catch a game.


Kind of cool that the best sportswriter in the country came up with the same argument, albeit written much better.

Feinstein really is the best. His latest book is one of my favorite reads in years. You should use this link to buy it now.