March 25, 2009

Our kitchen is being remodeled. Right now, it's a big empty room, without cabinets or even walls or ceiling. The main objective of the rennovation was to get our washer and dryer out of the kitchen. Mission accomplished. They now sit useless in the dining room.

If you should be visited by anyone in theskinnyonbenny family, that's the reason why you might expect us to show up with bags of laundry.

We went to my in-laws this past weekend, with two big bags of wash in tow. I explained to my mother-in-law as we unloaded the car.

"We're like college students without this kitchen. We eat fast food, we show up with our laundry, and we even drink too much. Later, we're going to try to have sex without you hearing us."

Then there were 10 seconds of awkward silence.

They live out in the sticks, and with this conversion to digital TV signals, they're in a spot where the only television that gets CBS has a screen that's about 2/3 the size of my laptop screen. So on the weekend where I feel that it's okay to ignore your whole family and watch nonstop basketball, I had no decent TV to watch the games.

The LSU/North Carolina game was pretty good for most of the game. And dispite my call to ignore family, I missed the part where North Carolina took over the game. We got a call from my father-in-law that they (he and Vanya) were down at the farm, and that they had caught a fish. I couldn't miss my son's first fish. I jogged down to the pond, and they had a good size bass in the back of the farmer's golf cart.

They reeled in a couple more while I hung around down there too.

Vanya was really excited to tell me about it when I got down there. I'm glad I didn't pass it up to watch North Carolina open it up on my Tigers.

Oh, by the way, I didn't really have that conversation with my mother-in-law. The whole scene did play out in my head, which made me laugh out loud, but nobody notices that the help who's unloading bags is laughing to himself.