Kindergarten Lunch Duty

August 23, 2016

K is always quiet on his way to school, and it often freaks me out, since he's never quiet. This morning was his second full day of school -- and his first where I wasn't planning to walk him in, and I was afraid that he was nervous about finding his way around.

At a stop light, I turned back to him and asked, "Are you sure you know where to go when I drop you off?"

He rolled his eyes at me.

Kindergarten. He was just a toddler 10 minutes ago, and now he's rolling his eyes at me.

By yesterday, we should have had a full week + 1 day of school under our belts. That would have been fine for my dumb day of Kindergarten lunch room duty. But because of the bullshit foods, I got duty on the first day of school. By coincidence, I came across this video the day before. Please watch; it's the funniest thing I've seen in weeks.

I was and am more than a little relieved that all of the kids at Episcopal have to eat school lunch. It also turned out that the other duty parents were old hands, so I just had to follow their leads.

Flooded neighborhood on the way to school. Through most of the street, one side has flooded houses and the other side has houses that are fine. The good/bad sides change as the hills roll.

For a school that requires Pre-K and Kindergarteners to wear white shirt uniforms, they came out strong, with spaghetti day on lunch day 1. One boy's mother will never realize the debt I'm owed for catching him about to wipe big tomato sauce streaks on his shirt and giving a panicked shout for him to use his napkin instead. I implore every lunch duty parent to remind the kids that there are napkins, because that's all it takes for quite a lot of them.

One poor kid was beyond hope, and his family got one and only one wear out of his $35 uniform shirt.

This one's for you, little dude: