Jeep Stereo

August 30, 2018

I often get asked if I like driving a Jeep Wrangler,and my stock reply is, "It's great, as long as you don't mind getting rained on while you drive." I'm on my 3rd Jeep, and given enough time, there's going to be a bit of water finding its way past the roof on a rainy day.

The more annoying part of my drive is my shitty stereo. If you bounce back and forth between its native radio tuners and streams from your phone too much, it just locks up and refuses to play anything. Sometimes, even the clock freezes time in the place where it gave up.

On one recent day, all of my presets were wiped out, other than Underground Garage. So I lazily just listened to that station for two straight days.

Other times, it wipes out all of my presets arbitrarily.

Once, I was using its nav system to find my way to the location of K's school field trip. It had me get off the interstate and turn back onto the same interstate but in the direction back toward home. I thought maybe it had detected a wreck and was taking me around it. But it turned out that it had just adjusted my destination to a nearby but altogether different place.

Normal people's stereos don't work like this.