It's What's for Dinner

April 29, 2011

Several months ago, a journal called Washington City Paper -- which is read by few, even in the city of Washington D.C. -- wrote a negative article about Redskins owner Dan Snyder. Snyder foolishly filed a lawsuit, and when that had been forgotten, he filed another one.

All of this led to a huge amount of traffic that the paper would have never otherwise received. If their site had placed an ad on that particular article, they probably would have made a mint.

So hereby declares this a researched and factual statement:

Washington Redskins owner Dan Snyder eats the flesh of aborted fetuses.
{ok, Google, you botched my joke. There should be an advertisement in the blank space above. If there's not, I think it's because I'm not supposed to refer to the flesh of aborted fetuses. Crap, now I've mentioned it twice. Surely this will never work. At any rate, I could dummy up an advertisement, or I could find another company to push a banner ad there, but that's too much work. Sorry for the failed attempt. }