It's "Everybody Have Chung Tonight," I Think

June 02, 2011

Here's a tip for you young people: if you don't know the words to "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight," then don't walk around singing it out loud.

Monday night, I was sitting at a bar with Mrs. theskinnyonbenny. We were around the back side, where staff walked to get back to the kitchen. One of the waiters passed behind us, singing along with the speakers. He clearly reversed the "Everybody have fun tonight" and the "Everybody Wang Chung tonight" lines. It's not like those are unimportant lines. In fact, I couldn't tell you any other line in the song, but I wouldn't botch those.

This is the main reason that I hold such a place in my heart for this particular lyric. Besides its own general awesomeness, of course.

I'll leave it to Mrs. theskinnyonbenny to name the place and to pan their bar properly on, but I will give you one tidbit. Consider it a blog version of a movie trailer.

While we ate, our regular bartender had disappeared for a moment (his frequent bathroom visits suggest either diarrhea or a fairly severe drug addiction), and the manager was working the bar. Mrs. theskinnyonbenny noticed the biggest whisk on the face of the Earth sitting back there, and she asked the manager what they did with it. I'm sure it fueled fantasies of giant exotic concoctions, where coconut oil had to be interspersed with droplets of nectar from a special strain of hibiscus, or something like that.

The manager said that even though they put fresh ingredients into the frozen margarita machines every day, they sometimes would clump or separate, so they used the whisk to make it right.

Fast forward to 9:00 PM. As we were waiting for the check, the normal bartender went and got a giant bucket. He placed it under one of the frozen margarita nozzles, and emptied the machine into the bucket. There were probably between 5 and 10 gallons of drink in there. I gave it a shrug, and mentioned that it was an awful lot of margarita to throw out.

But then, the bartender carefully sealed the bucket with a plastic lid, double checking that it was on nice and tight. Ahhh, it's clear now. Mrs. theskinnyonbenny said it out loud as the thought formed in my head. "Fresh everyday my ass."

Good to know.