Introducing Bonsho

March 02, 2004

I am surprised that I have managed to go this long without telling any of you about my Las Vegas trip. There are a few stories to share, but not too many.

Before I get to the point on this one, I'll mention a star-spotting. We saw Charles Barkley playing the high-limit tables at Mandalay bay. I think it is a noble goal for me to try to get celebrities to give me quotes to post directly to this site. I think I'll write some sort of "mission statement" for my site, and include that as something that I'm trying to do.

On to our story....

It came to my attention that Mandalay Bay had me registered as "Bonsho Notariano." Bonsho. I kind of like that. It just so happens that I've been thinking that I need a new alias/alter ego to sign on registration books when I'm intoxicated, and that short of thing. I really like Bonsho, but the Notariono part has to go. I wouldn't want to accidentally incriminate any actual Notarianos who happened to be around when I used my alias.

I could stay with the Italian last name: Bonsho Corlene, Bonsho DeBenedeto, Bonsho Gianetti. But, I have to be able to pronounce and spell my name in a pinch, so I probably won't use one of these.

I kind of like Bonsho Miyagi. That makes it sound like I could whip out a martial-arts ass-kicking, doesn't it? Besides, it would be fun to see people wonder if I could really be a Miyagi when I introduce myself with a straight face. That one has potential.

I could go with just a one-word name. Bonsho. On second thought, that sounds too much like my real name. Forget that one.

Bonsho Smith or Jones? Naahh.

How about a name for a circus performer? Bonsho The Great, or Bonsho Thegreat, so that it seems a little more realistic.

Let's settle on Bonsho Miyagi for the time being. I want to test one of the features with this web log that I haven't used yet. You can use the voting links below to let me know how you like that new name.