Inaugural Week

January 22, 2009

I'm stuck this week, because I feel like I should post something or other about the inauguration, but there's really nothing else to say. And I'll admit, I didn't have a chance to watch the coverage Tuesday morning, and when it was time to listen to the address, I couldn't find my headphones. (They were on my Jeep dashboard, if you were wondering.) By the time I got connected, I had missed 2/3 of it. I did read the text of the speech yesterday, and that's one of 16 million signs that this one is special. I certainly never read the text of a presidential speech before.

Although I've watched W's "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me can't get fooled again" moment on YouTube an uncountable number of times. A good blogger would embed the clip for your amusement, but I'm a lazy blogger. Besides, it's time to put a year-long break on making fun of 43's inability to speak. That includes calling this thing "the internets." Yes, it's funny. But go ahead and give it a rest.

How old is Mrs. Biden anyway?

The Va-va-va-voom factor was apparently higher than normal. Joe Biden's wife (again, I'm lazy. You can look up her name if you care) appears to have been rightfully fearful of being outdone by Mrs. Obama's swearing in as America's most attractive First Lady, so she threw together this ensemble. I guess she had to do the sexpot number to repent for that slip where she told the Oprah and the rest of the world that she talked Joe down from Secretary of State.

Hillary Clinton was sworn in as Secretary of State yesterday. I was watching the season premier of Lost, and the local ABC station's tease for their 10:00 news was, "Find out which Louisiana Senator was one of two to vote against her."

Hmmmmm, do you think that would be the female, Democrat Senator, or the guy who got elected on the "I'm going to support President Bush 100%, no matter how dumb his ideas" platform? You'll have to do better than that Channel 2.