In Spite Of Ourselves

March 01, 2012

Despite it being one of my greatest loves, I don't do many music posts. I've been disappointed to find that the music I love most is unloved -- unliked even -- by most of my friends. I have playlists full of songs that no one wants to hear other than me.

I share this one for two reasons: first, it's such a cool song. (And is there a 65-year-old who is cooler than John Prine?). Second, it uses the phrase "a month of Sundays," which is one of Mrs. theskinnyonbenny's favorite expressions. I actually can't think of anyone I've ever heard use it other than Mrs. theskinnyonbenny.

Skip to 1:30 to get past all the jabbering at the beginning.

That's not in any of my playlists now, but it should be there by the next time you see me. You can tell me how much it sucks by then.