How Should I Behave at Women's Basketball?

January 11, 2005

As a basketball fan. the main thing that I haven't figured out is how much to heckle the opposition at a woman's basketball game. This is an important question for me this year, because the LSU men's team just is not that good, and the Hornets are downright godawful.

This should be the first year since the Hornets have moved to New Orleans that I don't make it down for a few games. They have won three of about thirty games so far. Their best players are either injured, begging to be traded, or both.


They traded their starting off guard for Jim Jackson at the end of December. He has thus far failed to show up, choosing instead to forgo his NBA salary and perhaps get a start on his janitorial career over playing for the Hornets.

The Saints brass must certainly be happy that just as they showed signs (however slight) of being a competent organization, the Hornets take the baton of inept New Orleans professional sports franchise.

LSU Point Guard Temeka Johnson

I decided early in the season to dedicate the energy that I would have otherwise put into the Hornets into following the LSU women's basketball team. In that team, there is all that I look for: good defense, good ball movement on offense, and most important to me, a point guard who is good for at least a few awesome assists each game.

But again, the main question is how much grief to give the opposition. For some reason, it feels right to yell, "YOU STINK!" or "HOW CAN YOU CARRY THAT GIANT GUT UP AND DOWN THE FLOOR?" at male college students, but I don't feel right yelling similar things at female students. I especially like to pick on the fat players, but that just won't do at a woman's game.

The crowd in general seems to feel the same way. Last game, there was some consistent booing of one opposing player, but only after she layed a cheap foul and hurt one of LSU's stars. There is the normal jeering during warm-ups, but even the group of students is easier on the opponents during the game.

I think this is an interesting study in group behavior. A sociologist-type should do a study.