Home Sweet Home

April 02, 2007

I did very little of anything this weekend, and boy oh boy is that a welcome change. Because prior to this weekend, my schedule was like this:

Two Sundays ago, into Monday morning:

18 hours to get home from Russia, then 12 hours actually at home. Of those, 8 were spent sleeping and two were at the office.

Monday during the day: I started another 12-hour marathon of planes and airports to get to North Carolina. It shouldn't have taken that long, but delays and bumps routed me through Chicago. I got to my hotel at 1:00 AM.

Tuesday morning (around 1:05 AM):

I opened the suitcase to find a toothpaste explosion. The main victims were socks and dress shirts. I try to wash in the sink.

Tuesday through Thursday:

Long client meetings all day every day. Everything smells vaguely like toothpaste, until the scent of my own sweat starts to drown it out. During the course of the week, I find problems with the clean undershirts that I packed. The first one I pulled out was fine. The second one turned out to be a pillow case. The third one is a girly t-shirt with too short sleeves and a picture of a black kitty cat. I consider wearing it, but am afraid that the black kitty would show through. I'm pretty sure it would be too small anyway.

The login page for my hotel's internet access gives a clue to the dining options in town.

Also, there's no decent places to eat in Rocky Mount, NC. And the coffee sucks too. At both the bank and at the hotel it comes out of that type of machine that adds hot water to a super-concentrated black coffee sludge and dumps it right into the cup.

I did get the chance to pen two limericks during the meeting on Thursday. They're not really very good, but I'll share anyway.

Longing to Watch TV Basketball back on tonight Starting around mid-twilight Just for this once I hope for Office reruns So I don't miss that Dwight Wednesday Dinner I'm having trouble with finding good food That's healthy and might taste good too Yesterday I could tell Remain at the Hotel So I stayed and ate free barbeque

Travel back home. Go deal with car salesmen.

Saturday and Sunday:

Work myself into a stupor getting the yard cleaned up after being away a couple of weekends.

Monday through Friday:

A 60-hour work week, mostly involving clients being in our office during the day. To keep up with the "real work," my mornings usually started around five. Meanwhile, I darted across town to the doctor's office and back almost every day, trying to get my physical completed for the Russians.

All that really sucked. But this week looks to be much improved.