January 15, 2007

If there's anything more boring than a blog where people recommend random music that they like (especially without a feature that allows you to play the song right then and there), then it's a diet blog. I mention this only because I'm veering very close to boring diet blog territory with this post. But stick with me a moment.

In my New Year's post, I mentioned the painful gut burning that I experienced all of New Year's day. I resolved to give up meat and alcohol for two weeks. My motivation wasn't really to get thinner or noticeably more healthy. I just wanted to stop the fire in my belly and to start pooping solids again.

I stuck with my resolution through LSU's Sugar Bowl. I wavered a little that Friday night, but I only had three beers and some food with a little ground beef as an ingredient. That Saturday, I had a gyros plate for dinner and a glass of wine. But you see, I was the model of moderation. During the national championship game on Monday night, I ate soup and drank tea. What a bore.

My two weeks of good health is more or less over. I think it's safe to say that I've extinguished that fire in my belly.