Happy New Year, Internet

January 09, 2020

Happy New Year, Internet.

I don't post much any more, but I write a little more often than I post. I'm boring now. Kid activities, fixing things at the house or at the boat, food, music, golden age of television -- all of that.

Even though it's mostly boring, I'm going to start posting more of it. It's a record of what we do. Something like a photo album. Maybe my kids will want to read through it one day. Maybe I'll want to remember what day Clay Clark drunkenly relieved himself at the stall next to Steve Spurrier. I won't have it all written down, but maybe some of it.

Here's the sort of quality content you've been missing.

Speaking of New Year's, I thought this video would be big on the first, but I didn't see it show up on my social media at all. Theskinnhonbenny family laughed good and hard. We rewound several times to rewatch too.

V wanted to know just how bad it would taste. I searched the back of the liquor cabinet so he could put a drop on a finger to taste. I was simultaneously delighted and disappointed that I couldn't find a bottle of Jager. That's not a hint.