Happy Birthday Back At Ya

September 20, 2016

Over the last couple of years, birthday week has been a source of some little bit of stress. The source of this is all of the Facebook greetings from people whose birthdays that I've ignored for years.

I've seen many of the birthday reminders and often passed a thought where I hope they have a good day. But I haven't gone as far as the wall post. This is because I'm a sporadic facebooker, and I can't throw one person birthday love without the realization that a mutual friend of equal standing was unintentionally ignored in the preceding few weeks.

If both your cell phone number and birthday are in my phone -- and this is an exceedingly small subset of people that I care about -- then you will probably get a text.

For the rest, let me wish you the sincere hope that your next birthday is wonderful, and that terrorists and politicians will pick different days to be assholes. Also, play this song for yourself. (I'm sure I've posted it before, but stil...)