Hacked by Jesus

October 19, 2012

Did you see the nuts who thought their Facebook page had been hacked by Mittens? When Mother Jones debunks your left-wing conspiracy, you're out there, my friends.

(I do have to say that this makes me feel better about all of my facebook frinds with Romney likes. For some reason, it makes me happier to think that my friends are so stupid that they don't understand the Like button rather than that they are so stupid or so rich that they like Mittens.)

An even more unlikely Facebook hacker reared his ugly, well, face in my feed recently.

hacked by jesus

You'll notice that my friend Mary Ann was hacked by none other than Jesus. If you know her too, then you're enjoying a hearty belly laugh right now.

What happened here is that the Facebook ipad app had a bug for a while, where every once in a while, someone's profile got associated with the picture in the feed just above theirs. When that happened, that person and that picture got inextricably linked on that device.

Mary Ann just happened to post something right after someone else Liked some Jesus-y thing, and the bug plus the timing led to high comedy.