Groundhog Money Burn and Little Kid Talk

February 03, 2016

Sure, yesterday was fun and all, but what's doin' in Punxsutawney today?

Signing Day > Groundhog Day

Is tomorrow a day named for a movie too?


I got hoodwinked when I bought gas yesterday. I was sort of hurrying and not paying close attention, and I hit the button for the fuel grade on the left. Instead of the natural order of low, mid-grade, super-premium, this particular station had them arranged in the order Mid, Cheap, Super premium. Halfway through my fillup, I noticed that my price was at $1.62/gallon instead of $1.43.

I might as well have pulled four dollars out of my wallet and lit it on fire. I'm still bitter this morning.


Kolya really likes learning Spanish at his school. He was telling me words for different fruits last week. I wasn't really paying attention (I'm starting to notice a theme here) until I heard him say that Spanish for "tortilla" is "mordida."

I don't know any Spanish, but I do know menus.

"No, no, no. Spanish for tortilla is just 'tortilla'".

"No. That's how you say it regular talking."

I love that phrasing. I think he thinks he's learning a code.

Last night, I took the kids to a convenience store to pick out a candy after dinner. Guilt candy -- I worked and ignored them steadily until 6:00, and Mrs. theskinnyonbenny is out of town, prepping her liver for Muses. Normally the quicker of the two, Kolya scrutinized shitty candy after shitty candy unable to decide. Then, at the bottom of all the shitty candies on the shitty candy shelf, he spotted something that looked promising.

"What's this?" he asked.

"Ummm, that's a candy necklace."


He spontaneously danced around. Not showing off -- just 10 seconds of pure joy.

I wish we could get that sort of happiness from something we buy for 50 cents as adults.