Grade E

September 19, 2007

Once this week and once last week, I had a craving for Grade E meat.

That is to say, I was hungry for some Taco Bell.

It's been years, but one of my coworkers of days gone by swore that this is true. He was in a car that happened to drive around the back of a Taco Bell. There was a box by a dumpster, labeled "Grade E, But Edible."

I've heard of Grade A beef, which suggests that there are other letter grades. I didn't know that it went down to E. The "but edible" suggests that Grade E beef isn't normally edible, but Taco Bell got the pick of the Grade E beef, and just for them, it's now edible.

I like that it's ground so finely at Taco Bell. I'm smart enough to know that they do that to disguise all of the ligaments, bone, and poo poo that is mixed in with the actual beef, but still, I like finely ground beef.

I enjoyed my grodita today. This post hasn't even left me feeling ill.