Gimme Some Sugar

November 04, 2008

One day early last week, I was listening to a radio show out of Washington DC on an internet stream. Somehow, it came up that one of the hosts hasn't french kissed his wife in a decade. A younger, unmarried producer in the studio found that hard to believe, and they argued a bit about whether that was typical.

Then, they took a poll by text message. Since I was sitting at the computer anyway, I sent a text in.

You’ll have to find this song somewhere else. Your browswer won’t allow embedded media. Sorry.

It's hard to understand their read. It says, "I've been married 12 years. My Basset Hound gets her tongue in my mouth more often that my wife does."

I enjoyed the appreciation that I got in response to my own kissing experience.

Notice that I didn't actually answer the question at all. It might be that Blossom sneaks that tongue in there twice a day, and Mrs. theskinnyonbenny isn't quite as sneaky. Or, I could be going on a decade just like that radio host.

And we'll just leave that little bit of mystery out there for you to ponder.