Geaux Tigers

August 25, 2011

Willie Lyles, Parkinson's, star receiver makes himself ineligible with some violation that we don't understand, probation because of a years-ago violation recruiting a player who LSU refused to take because of said violation, and oh yeah, I heard something about a fight at a bar.

That probably adds up to the worst August in memory, although it could be a lot worse. Miami's bad month will plague the program for the next decade. Our messes will be mostly forgotten in a week plus two days.

A quick video to remind us of why we pull for the guys wearing purple and gold.

We've also seen the debut of the Les Miles GameDay commercial.
Say what you will about his coaching, but at least Les knows how to laugh at himself. Nick Saban would sooner light himself on fire than film a self-deprecating commercial for the Worldwide Leader.