January 16, 2018

School is closed today because it's really cold, getting colder, and there's a slight chance of winter precipitation later.

I've complained in the past about cancelling school because it's "really quite cold and also raining," but the forecast for the next couple of nights is in the teens and twenties. I'll concede that one, Louisiana -- that is really quite cold.

Last winter time this year, we had no winter at all. Some cool nights, but I doubt we had a three day stretch where it was too cold to wear shorts. It's weird that when mother nature cranks up the cold and bullshit, she does it over and over one winter and then forgets about us for several years.

We had our first snow day all the way back on December 8. I started the day with a social media shot from the upstairs window. Snow was fluttering down over neighbors roofs, and I predicted "No one's awake, but I already know today is one that they'll remember and talk about for 10 years."

Then, I spent about three hours watching other people's kids playing in the snow on Facebook while waiting for my lazy clan to get moving.

Once we made it out, we had a thick layer of nice sticky snow.

/img/snowday1.jpg /img/snowday2.jpg After playing in our neighborhood, we headed to City Park to try to find a hill to sled on. /img/snowday3.jpg The hill in City Park is really pretty on a snowy day. /img/snowday4.jpg In retrospect, I probably should have made them get out of pajama pants. After sledding, we went out for gumbo. We came home, and they all left me alone in a hot bath, where I leaned my head back, and slept like a baby while flurries continued to fall out of my window. Turns out to be a day that I will remember fondly for at least 10 years.