Follow up - more details

November 13, 2009

A few updates on my posts from earlier this week. First of all, the pics from the September tailgate and Halloween are up:


Going through the Halloween photos confirmed for me that the bug mascot from the zoo was the same as the bug mascot from the museum the next week. Perhaps that's why Vanya was such a pain in the mascot's thorax the second time they met.

Bug guy did all of the mascot things that you're supposed to do: gave five, waved, handed out a sucker. But Vanya wouldn't leave him alone, shouting down the hallway,





"Is that how we try to get someone's attention?" I asked.

"Excuse me!"

"Excuse me!"

"Excuse me!"

"Excuse me!"

"Excuse me!"

That lasted forever -- for as long as they guy was in sight. He went into the cafe at the back, and Vanya was still waving and screaming from the exhibits in the next room.

My final update is that I finally got a call from the bank's cheif tube detective. She spoke veeeerrry slooooooowly. She sounded stoned.

"Yoooouuuu calllled (I'll quit typing that way now if you'll remember to read her words in a slow stoner's voice."

Actually, I started with, "Hello, this is Ben."

"May I speak to Mr. Benjamin please?

I'm already exasperated, and I don't know who this is yet. "This is he."

"This is so-and-so from the bank. You called a few days ago about a tube." Honest to God, she said this. Sort of like I was bothering her, and she couldn't think of what tube we might have been talking about.

"Yes, I just called to tell you that I don't have it. It wasn't in my car, and I remember putting it back."


(Awkward silence)

"Yeah, so..."


(More silence).

Then, her again, "Okay then."

So that's that, I guess.