Finish Weeks-Old Recap

June 22, 2009

I never did circle back on the weekend we spent when Lisa and Josh were in town. I posted early in their visit on this post, but then we headed east to go sailing and then visit New Orleans. Before I carry on with the story, I think it's necessary to show you one of the lobsters they brought down. I snagged some of their pictures from Josh's Facebook. I'll throw some others out there as pictures of the day in the next week or so.

I'm sure this is the biggest lobster ever to be carried through the Baton Rouge airport as carry on lugage.

We sailed on a Friday, and it was a perfect day out there, but I went on an empty stomach, and then drank a rum, followed by red wine while we sailed. By the time we got back to shore, I felt like shaken up crapola.

We went into the city, took a short rest, and walked to The Pelican Club for dinner. According to all, it was extremely good, but I was still nauseaus, and couldn't work up much of an apetite. We left there with most of my dinner in a box, and walked through the French Quarter. It was Josh's first time in town, so we felt some obligation to take him to the standbys -- the places in the quarter that people know -- so that he would be socially conversant should visits to New Orleans come up next time he's at a coctail party.

Come to think of it, we went to neither the Tropical Isle nor Pat O'Brians. So in retrospect, he really won't be all that conversant on New Orleans tourism.

But we did make it to The Dungeon, where I had to undergo a long negotiation with the doorman about my to-go box. They prohibit food in the bar, as rats are a big problem there. I promised not to feed the rats, but he couldn't be convinced. We finally settled on me stashing my box in an icebox at the front bar and retrieving it on our way out.

We spent the next two days with nonstop eating and drinking. It was such a fullfilling experience that Josh went home and proposed to Lisa, lest his life deny him a chance at full blown friendship with theskinnyonbenny family or future trips to Lousiana.