Fat Doppleganger

October 31, 2012

Check out the front page of the Baton Rouge Advocate's recent Fit section:

fit section cover photo 1

Here's a clearer copy of the photo that I found online:

fit section cover photo 2

Is there anyone in all of Baton Rouge who's less worthy of being on the cover of the fit section than that fatty on the left side, wearing the green sweatshirt?

This picture must have been taken right at the start. I'm looking down and to my right, because the meltdown that I experienced that morning was just beginning.

On second thought, there might be one other Baton Rougean who is less deserving of being on the front of the Fit section in the paper. I'm going big with these cell phone screen-grabs, so you can see the pictures and I don't have to do much work on this post.

my fat doppleganger 1

my fat doppleganger 2

Yes, the fat neck in the red shirt is really me.

I'm not 100% sure, but I think I passed my fat doppleganger one day last week. Tyler has seen him a couple of times since. He might be afraid of mixing in a salad, but he's not afraid to be out and about amongst the people.