Europeans are Weird

December 10, 2011

I've got a story from our travels in Russia that I think more properly belongs here in my (poor, neglected) blog than it does over in the adoption journal going on in the family-oriented section of my website.

We spent yesterday walking around Yaroslavl, and we found a crowded open-air market. Lots of hats, sweaters, stuff like that. It was cold outside, but the market was still crowded with people bundled up and going through the packed little stalls.

One stall had a mannequin, in the female shape, and that mannequin was wearing a sweater. But apparently, the sweater wasn't enough to keep the mannequin warm, because her swollen breasts were adorned with prominent nipples.

I didn't take a photo. I would have had to stop and pull my camera out from the inside of my coat, and, well, it would have just been too weird.

Who would make a mannequin with nipples?