European Surprises

March 24, 2024

Hey guys, did you know that over in Europe, they call potato chips "crisps"

Just kidding -- everyone knows that. But here's what I didn't know: You don't just buy a complete assembled extension cord. You buy the male plug, the female plug, and then the right amount of cable for the current you plan to pull. Take it all home, pull out your screwdriver, and assemble it yourself. Can you even imagine all of the electrocuted Bubbas if we did it that way in the states?

Similarly, you add your hose nozzle and ends to a section of water hose. That's a little more annoying, becasuse it opens the scenario where you're twisting the wrong bit, the end pops off, and you get all wet.

Boat repairs are wrapping up. Hopefully, you'll see updates about us being out sailing soon.