July 14, 2006

There's an announcement today that the final eight episodes of The Sopranos on HBO are postponed until March. We Sopranos fans are a patient group.

With the end of that series, Entourage and Curb Your Enthusiasm become the only two series for which I would be willing to subscribe. (I like Big Love too, but wouldn't pay extra just to see it.) But it would be difficult to justify the monthly charge just on the strength of a couple of half-hour comedies.

Then again, maybe I would with Entourage. It's one of the few shows where I have that experience where you see the closing credits and look immediately to the clock, hoping that it can't possibly be time for the show to end already.

The shame is that no one I talk to watches this show, and I never get to talk about it. Let me give you a quick rundown, so that the next part of this post is as funny as it should be. If you watch, skip the next section.

The show is about a movie star, his agent, and his buddies. The main story line ending last season and going into this season is that the star was cast as the lead in Aquaman -- a made up movie. At the beginning of this season, the movie premiered, and broke Spiderman's record for opening weekend sales.

The publicity folks at HBO took out an advertising in one of the real trades congratulating the fake movie for its box office success. It generated some buzz for the show, and that should have been the end of a not-very-interesting story.

Until a donkey at CNBC got hold of this information, put it into a script, and got another donkey named Joe Kernan to report it as if it were true. This video is top-notch. In fact, that's really the whole point of this post: to make you see what a fool this guy is. I don't really care if you watch HBO or not.

But have you seen the new lineup on Showtime?