Eating Inside at Raising Cane's

January 19, 2005

I've been a regular visitor to Raising Cane's for many years now. For those of you out of town, Raising Cane's is a fast food place that sells nothing but fried chicken strips. No burgers, no salads, no dark meat, no options for crispy or spicy or anything like that. Just chicken. In a styrofoam box or on a bun. Take it or leave it.

The main reason to come back is the little thing of sauce that they give you with the chicken. It sort of looks and smells like thousand-island, but it tastes so so so much better. I'm almost certain that there's an illegal narcotic in there.


As a matter of fact, I once asked the girl at the drive through window if there wasn't just the tiniest little bit of heroin in that sauce. She didn't answer me. Suspicious, don't you think?

Most of their restaurants have a drive through window or two, or a walk up window. They do have some new ones where you actually get to go inside and sit at a table. I went to one of these new ones yesterday.

Everything is pretty much just the same. Same limited menu, same addictive sauce.

In case you were wondering, here are a few things that are different.

A "box" combo when you eat inside at Raising Cane's. The astute reader will notice the absence of a box.

There's a counter with a kid and a cash register, which is different from most RC's, but the same as every other fast food restaurant.

You pay in advance, and they give you a ticket, like at Taco Bell. But instead of giving you a number, they type your name into the computer and print that on the ticket.

The big shocker is that the styrofoam box has been replaced with a styrofoam plate.

There's music in the restaurant. It's pretty good music, but louder than you would get in others.