May 31, 2006

Let's face it. Unless you travel somewhere -- and somewhere doesn't include Baton Rouge -- summer is D - U - L - L, dull.

College baseball is over (at least for me it's over), and the NBA will be done pretty soon. Let's not pretend that Major League Baseball is interesting. (At least not the games. The steroid controversies are a little interesting.) I have yet to cut the sleeves off of a collared shirt, and therefore don't have that part of my brain that would also allow me to follow NASCAR.

Golf is good to put on the TV when you're ready for a nap, and need some birds chirping and soft voices to put you over the edge. Tennis is okay, but I can't really see myself going to work and saying, "Hey guys, did you see Nicolas Massu beat Max Mirny in straight sets yesterday?"

And it isn't just sports. Summer movies are crowded, noisy, and usually fail to live up to their hype. Anyone regret shelling out $8 for Posieden yet?

Most disappointing of all is that TV is done for the year. Now that May sweeps are over, they pretty much just call it quits. May was fantastic. I bet I watched 30 hours a week of TV. I had to stay up late and work weekends to keep up with the DVR'd shows from while I had been watching other shows.

There's plenty of daylight, but the summer heat has started, so I'm not too keen on outside activities during the afternoon. A bike ride is nice in the morning, I suppose, but I've been to lazy to get up and go. Too bad I don't have a boat this summer. Being out on the water sure would be nice.

So, hopefully, life will drum up some excitement. Otherwise, the only thing I have to post about is all of that TV that I watched during May, and about how the cat won't quit hitting keys as I try to type these posts. And we don't want to read about that.