Driving in Slovenia

January 29, 2024

Slovenians love to take a walk.

And why wouldn't they? Most of the days that we've been up here have been sunny in the daytime, cool but not cold, with little to no breeze. It's weather made for taking a walk.

On the pretty days of this past weekend, we would pass dozens of pedestrians, just in the marina area between the parking lot nearest our dock and the street.

The walking culture is so good, that when you're out and about, you can just stride into a crosswalk, 100% confortable that the oncoming traffic is going to stop and wait for you.

But from another point of view -- the point of view from behind the wheel, it means that when you drive through town, Slovenians are going to step out right in front of your moving car.

All the time.

You better have that head on a swivel. They'll pop out from behind a sign or a bush. Old, young, families, and foes. It doesn't matter. If you snooze, you're gonna kill yourself a Slovenian.