Driving Blues

August 18, 2023

It's been a lot of driving lately.

Coming back from Maine was two really long days. Camp pickup wasn't until 10:00. We left from there and drove until the wee hours. 11 states, and it was all bumper to bumper traffic from Maine through New Jersey. Around sunset, it the traffic got better. From Northern Virginia to home was another really long slog, fed by Red Bull and Twizzlers, which leaves you feeling shitty for a couple of days from there.

Then -- I don't know if you've heard about this -- it's hot as hell in the south right now.

Last weekend, it was up and back to Natchitoches to get our cars and our parents' cars back where they belong, but the issue that lead us to abandon my truck for the summer trip had returned, so it's still in the shop up there. Our weekends are kind of busy right now, so I've got to find a window to sneak in another round trip to retrieve it.

And then it will be my dream vehicle for a month before the engine starts to misfire again. Mark my words.

Speaking of heat, don't force the Instant Pot open when there's still a little pressure in there. I did that last week, and here's the burn still looks today. Don't fuck around with that!

Never mind -- I'm not posting that image, but picture a grizzly red, flaky burn on a fat pale belly. No one needs that haunting their sleep

And now that we've broken the seal on pictures (at least in our midns) check out these ladies, roughly 30 years apart.


I typed out and deleted a line about their good looks (both now and in the 90s), but I feel like a giant creep sitting at my table at the age of 51, commenting on the looks of girls in their early 20s. Even though I'm married to one of them, and we were even together way back then, it still feels weird.

Back in the day, I had a simple little plugin where I could post polls on this site. I'd like the feedback as to whether this is gross as hell, not that big a deal but still a bad look, or absolutely fine. Leave me a note in the comments.

Just kidding. Comments are gone too. They just fill up with spam. But if you see me in person, let me know.