Dot-Dot-Dash-Dot Dot-Dash-Dot-Dot

May 08, 2014

You know that guy in your company's project meetings who is absent-mindedly clicking his pen during the call? It's not really so absent minded. He's sending a Morse code message to whoever's on the other end. "Your project manager is feeding you bullshit stop"

ALL of the tools of inter office communication.

There's a secret Morse code underground that clients set up so that they can get full intel on how it's going.
I recently read about Jeremiah A. Denton, who was in the paper because of his recent relocation from home to graveyard. A notable life, but his story of captivity by the North Vietnamese was incredible.

After months of imprisonment and beatings, his captors stuck him in front of a video camera to film some bit of propaganda for release back to the West. Denton -- apparently bothered by the lights -- started blinking erratically. Only after release of the video did the North Vietnamese find out that he had blinked Morse Code, spelling out "TORTURE." This was the first confirmation that torture was being used on American soldiers.

How bad-ass is that?

Given the nature of some of the weekly calls that I've been on recently, I've wondered if our Morse code mole was spelling out "TORTURE" himself.