Customer Service Email

September 13, 2011

I guess I'll fess up and admit that I've been blog cheating on you guys, but so far, I've only been doing it a little bit. I've got two new blogs up, and neither of them is really meant to shed any insight on my life, or even to entertain. So if you're a regular reader here, you won't be interested. But still.

The MyTechPurse blog is a technical commentary inteded for the non-technical reader.

My blog at is also technical, but it gets super-geeky.

The idea is that to some extent, the two play off of each other. For example, if the TechPurse blog talks about something that small businesses should have on their website, a reader can pass along a related link to the Concord blog. The Concord blog would go into details about how to implement and have code samples that could be copied and pasted into their developers' projects.

And while it's certainly not difficult to find this particular site, I won't be linking to theskinny from these other sites. Those who look to my blog as someone who might know something about technology need not be just a single click from me calling a fellow citizen of my town one of the worst bad words in the book, as I might have done in this very space recently. Yesterday, for example.

I bring this up today only because I want to reference a post called Cautionary Tale of Online Woe. That post references a story about how terrible the site is.

As I was writing that post, I visited and read some of the negative things posted about the terrible merchant. There was a particular complaint that made me laugh, so I hereby clean up the formatting (and spelling -- not a necessary skill for a "marketing expert" apparently, and I know I have no room to talk) and re-post.

While visiting the site a pop-up come on for a survey of what I liked and did not like about the site. As a marketing expert, I gave them a suggestion about their young girl that they have on the site that steps out to speak to you in cocktail dress. Not very professional. I suggested it would be more credible if the person came out in a lab coat, as a representation of someone that would be making their prescription glasses. This would give them more credibility. My suggestion was to assist them in succeeding. Their reply was to assist them in failing. See the response I got. I am not ordering from them and I am posting to let you know... buyer beware! From: To: XXXXX Date: Sat, 29 Aug 2009 15:05:45 -0400 Subject: RE: Feedback - Suggestion How about if she came out and took her tits out? Would you order then?

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