Country Kid

February 28, 2012

A couple of weeks ago, I thought it was really nice when Vanya told me that he had already fed the dogs for me. He often does it at my request, but this time, he had done it on his own initiative.

It didn't even cross my mind that something was amiss when I saw uneaten banana in a dog bowl. I figured that someone started a bandanna, didn't want to finish it, and threw the rest in the bowl for a dog. Heck, maybe I had even done that.

But then I heard Mrs. theskinnyonbenny ask what the dogs had eaten for dinner. The answer was, "Biscuits, goldfish, and bananas."

I had wanted another biscuit that day too but I guess those stupid mutts enjoyed that meal.

This weekend, we took the dogs up to the in-law's farm, and on Friday night, they chose to run wild critters through the wild rather than come up to the house and eat. They still weren't home when I went to bed that night. Saturday morning, I went out to check on them. They weren't home again. I'm not sure if they were still out or if they were out again. I would have been worried, but I could hear Lily's barks echoing through the hills, as some poor rabbit, possum, or raccoon cowered in a makeshift shelter.

Vanya wanted nothing more than to drive the Gator around the farm, and for a six year old, he's not a bad driver. I think it's highly likely that on Sunday, he was the only six year old in the world to both sing a selection from an opera (Figaro-Figaro, imitated from a Looney Tune) and to drive a piece of John Deere equipment.

I've got to get that kid out hiking and camping this spring. He's definitely a country boy.

country family photos

This one of V looks posed, but he is, in fact, out and about wearing cowboy boots, and we did have to scale this fence, as neither the key nor the Mexican who sometimes keeps the key were readily available.

I took a ton of pictures. More than usual of scenes out and about on the farm. I'll post a big collection of them soon.