November 29, 2005

We just got back from Colorado, for a long weekend trip for our 10th anniversary. I have a few photos out there for you, but you don't really take too many photos when there are just two of you on a trip. Who wants to have photos taken of them by themselves?

It was a very nice trip, but I don't have too much to tell that would interest you here. Only a couple of little things:

Rocky Mountain Oysters

First and foremost, I tried Rocky Mountain Oysters for the first time. I was kind of nervous, but I've been talking about it long enough, and it was time to try. The first thing you notice is that they aren't shaped like testicles. Assuming that the bull's testicle is roughly round like ours, someone pounds them flat before battering and frying them.

After they're cooked, the fry batter is all that you taste anyway. They are kind of firm -- a little firmer than fried eggplant would be, but similar tasting. I cleaned my plate. They aren't hard to get down, once you make yourself forget what it is that you're eating.

My other new experience was a mud wrap in the spa. It was kind of fun too, but not really what I expected. (This isn't all that interested, so if you're busy, go ahead and quit reading now.)

You start by laying on a table, naked as a jaybird, save a tiny little strip of towel placed strategically over the butt crack or the privates, depending on whether you are face up or face down. The chick applying the treatment brushes the skin with a hairbrush. Then, she takes some mud in a tin and microwaves it for a little while. She uses a paintbrush to apply the mud all over the body. It goes on piping hot, but gets pretty chilly as it dries. After one application of mud, she flops you over, places the strategic piece of cloth, and does the other side.

After you are covered in mud, you get covered by a couple of giant, hot towels. Then, some heavy plastic wrap (which you've been lying on top of) gets wrapped all around you, so that you're laying on the table like a giant muddy fish behind the butcher counter.

There's a wait, and then a giant set of car wash nozzles moves back and forth to hose you off. Another flip, and more car wash jets. This part is a lot of fun. You can't really see the room so much, but it must get drenched.

After that, it's downhill. Some lotion, soft-feeling and nice smelling. Another flip over here, a fresh loincloth there. Then, it wraps up.