Cha Cha Mule Penis

January 08, 2009

Today, I read about this service called Cha Cha. You text message a question to 242242 (there's also a phone number you can call), and reportedly, a human looks up the answer and gets back to you. It's all free, so I decided to test it out.

Now when you read this exchange, you have to picture a couple minutes of delay between when I send the question and get a response back. It will be much funnier if you have the discipline to read the question, wait about a minute, and then read the answer, although I'm sure no one will actually do that. I've stripped out the advertising junk that is on the tail of each message back from them. The first ones came back quickly, and I wondered if it was a human or a fancy algorithm.

Well yeah, but the othe ones would be mad that they weren't listed. I wonder if it somehow knows where I am, because that is the closest one to where I'm sitting.

All of the grammer problems in this one are actually from the message I received.

That one took a little while to get back to me. I think someone might have actually looked into it.

This one took a really, really long time. I think they gave it the ol' college try.

(I know, puns are retarded, but it made me laugh, if no one else.)

I never did get a response to that one. I like to think that the researcher found a listing of mule owners and is calling them one by one and asking, "Do you mind if I forward your phone number to Ben in Baton Rouge? He'd like to find out more about mules' penis sizes. It seems to be somewhat important to him."

I'm done with this for now, and please don't text me much until after the 23rd. If I used up all of our allotted text messages on this exercise, Mrs. theskinnyonbenny will come down on me with the wrath of the Old Testament God.

But please please please let me know (comment, email, whatever) what you send them, and the funny responses you get back. Funny responses include phrases like, "no dingleberrys will have anything to stick to."