April 18, 2007

See if you can tell which of these meetings was more full of supernerds, based only on one seemingly insignificant statistic. Other than me, there was no one in common between the two sessions.

Client Meeting 4/12/2007 -- Facial Hair Census

8 total attendees:

0 females 2 clean shaven 2 full beards 1 mustache only 2 gautees 1 five o'clock shadow (me)

No one sported the C. Everett Koop look with a beard but no mustache. My friend Jim is the only person I know with that particular style, but I'm hopeful that the nuclear reactive guy on Heros and the Geico caveman will bring it back in vogue. It's an appealing look.

Client Meeting 4/13/2007 -- Facial Hair Census

4 total attendees:

1 female 2 clean shaven (I was in this category by that day) 1 gautees

(I really can't say why this amuses me. I have a million stories that I could tell about torturing old ladies in college, but here I am counting facial hair in meetings.)