January 27, 2010

First of all, this is worth (another) watch:

Second, here's a video I took from Canal Street about an hour after the game. Be warned that I had been drinking for about 10 hours at that point, and that I know I drop at least one F-bomb. And it doesn't come close to doing justice to what it was like there, but hopefully, if you're interested, you might get some sense of it.

Canal St. After the NFC Championship Gamee from ben schultz on Vimeo.

Canal Street, 1/24/2010, about an hour after the New Orleans Saints won their first NFC Championship.

I also have a couple of short videos from before the game on Sunday posted over here. And if you've really got some time to kill, check the other video galleries from that page. Other than "2004," they've all got new stuff posted.