Campsite Visitor

August 01, 2023

Most of the time in Baton Rouge, when someone says that they "work on the river," you aren't picturing this:


If you have to be querying other people's data all day, this isn't a bad place to do it. I'd rather drag a camp chair over to that gravel bar and let the warm sun compete with the cold water running over my ankles, all while a couple of beers chill in the current. But I'm just daydreaming now.

I've found a little time for short hikes and some paddle boarding, but mostly, this is what I've done since my family left me alone with the dog in New Hampshire. Don't mistake this for complaining. I know what the weather is like in Louisiana, and I'm thinking of putting on sweats to beat the chill.

Yesterday morning as I was starting my work, Rosie started her guard-dog barking. I thought she was yapping at a couple of kids who happened to be bicycling past and told her to hush. But she didn't hush, and she wasn't looking at the kids any more.

I followed her eyes to a tree about 25 yards away, and saw this.


I was kind of freaked out. It looks small enough that there might be a mama near by. So after putting the truck between me and the bear, I took some pics, and then packed up my mobile office. I moved to a site kind of far away, hoping that the bear would take advantage of the calm to go find another hangout.

Once I got started again, Rosie let out a growl and her eyes went from my left to my right, looking behind me. I looked over my shoulder to see the bear running away down a trail to my right. It had passed right behind me, and I didn't hear a thing over the rushing water next to me.

I'm glad it wasn't hungry for an old fat guy.