January 07, 2014

"Daddy, you aren't going to believe your eyes!"

That was my biggest smile this week. Not that I thought I would be seeing something that was unbelievable -- far from it, in fact. But it was great to see V working hard at something and being so proud of what he was making.

K's birthday was yesterday, and one of his gifts was a babyish Lego set, that builds out into a safari scene. I was busy when the boys decided to build it, and they went upstairs to try it themselves. In the hour between them going upstairs and me going up to join them, V had gone from the assumption that Lego instructions were indecipherable puzzles to realizing that it was something fun that he could do.

Lego Jungle Camp.

By the end of the evening, he decided to set up the scene high on a shelf. He told K that it was, "So you can see them when you're going to sleep." Really, it was so that Kolyazilla didn't come through and destry the jungle camp.