Boat Music

April 28, 2024

I'm happy to see that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is finally putting Jimmy Buffet in. I don't really understand why they put him in immediately in a side category without him ever being thrown onto the ballot for the normal induction process. Like him or not, whwen you create your own sub-genre of music, I think yoj should get in.

We haven't heard much of Jimmy during this big sailing trip. Part of it is that we aren't under the coverage of Sirius XM satellites yet. It's an easy tra;;ing: sailing = Radio Margaritaville = put it on channel24.

But we listen to some of the SiriusXM channels streaming, and there's plenty of Jimmy on my phone. Maybe I'll put him on tomorrow if the live performances from Jazz Fest start to bore me.

During my night watches, I mix it up. I like going through whole albums, so a lot of times, I just tell the phone to shuffle my albums. A couple of nights ago, it chose an album called Love Hates What You Become by a band called Lost Under Heaven. I see that I added it to my music library in 2019, and I have no recollection of this band or of this album whatsoever. But it was great. I know what I was thinking in 2019.

I didn't really pay attention ot the lyrics, so maybe it's Christian Rock. Or maybe it's Satanic. Doesn't really matter to me one way or the other.

My night watch go-to is still Radiohead. I especially like tracks with weird, off-putting chords. They go with the swoosh swoosh of the boat moving through the water so well. I probably haven't listened to OK Computer start to finish since we did a night watch on the last boat, but I'm on the 2nd play through tonight, and it's just perfect. The deep tracks are every bit as good if not better than the songs that everyone knows from this album.

A couple of weekends ago, Ko and I were the only ones up, listening to Irma Thomas's set from French Quarter Festival. Between songs, se said, "In New Orelans, we don't perspire.... we sweat."

Irma at FQF. Photo pulled without permission from

He didn't hear that last part, because after "we don't perspire," he exploded. "YES YOU DO. THATS ALL YOU DO IN NEW ORLEANS IS PERSIPRE. AND EAT."

Happy Festival Season, everyone.