Black Snake

June 16, 2011

Are we entering a new golden age of music? For the past 10 years or so, I could count on one new album every 12-18 months that would really, really get me excited. Albums that were new, creative, great, and instantly excellent.

But lately, I'm getting that excited every two or three months. My latest purchase is the absolute cream of the crop. I heard Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears do a live session on one of the satellite channels a month or so ago. I didn't catch it all, but it was one great song after another. I made a mental note, and then forgot it for a while.

But then, it came back to me, and am I ever glad it did. My favorite track on the album I downloaded is "Black Snake." Check it out before owner of the song makes me take it down.

Black Snake

(Also, if you don't see a link to the left of this text where you can buy the album, consider clicking on your ad-block button and showing the ads from I promise they're rare, and that they're topical.)

Let's consider a hypothetical situation.

Suppose we have a pretty good hurricane this summer. Suppose the power is out, and you can see that it will continue to be out for days to come. You're hot and sweaty, barely able to breathe from the humidity. Even the drinks in the fridge are lukewarm. You're also bored out of your mind. The only form of entertainment is a tinny boom box with fading batteries.

You and your significant other have sex on the floor. Not because of your passion (in truth, you're on each others' nerves), but because the floor is a little cooler than the furniture. Slippery bodies, covered in sweat, uncomfortable the whole while, but a little bit fun too.

While all of this is going on, Black Joe Lewis and the Honeybears should be playing on that boom box.