Bitching About What's on TV

April 27, 2004

I don't seem to find myself as excited about what's on TV lately. And since I have nothing else to tell you all about, allow me share some complaints.

NFL Draft

From one year to the next, I forget just how boring the NFL draft is. I can't imagine that each team really needs fifteen minutes in the first round. I'm sure they all go into the first round knowing two or three things that they are likely to do, given which players are available. It would make more sense that they get a long time in the late rounds, when they might have to look back through some notes to remember who those players were.

One of the local stations should do a draft highlight show, which would do nothing other than focus on which LSU players were drafted and by who, and give us a little highlight reel for each of the Saints draft picks. That's all the locals really care about, and currently, they have to sit through 2 days of ESPN talking heads to get that info.

Speed TV

Speed TV finally abandoned their experiment to show Speed Racer at night.
It's clear to me that none of the executives at that network ever screened an episode of SR before deciding to run it. It isn't a mindless fast car, lots of crashes type of show that would appeal to the Bubbas watching Speed TV. It is a somewhat frightening, poorly animated, thinking-man's cartoon.

In fact, I can't think of a more disturbing cartoon. That little kid who follows around the main characters absolutely gives me the willies. Who ever liked this cartoon in the first place?

The better 70s era Japanese cartoon was G-Force. I haven't ever seen G-Force reruns on any channel, and I haven't run across the DVD set either. I may be the only one who remembers this cartoon. It shares the almost motionless/bug eyed character style of animation, but for some reason, I don't remember it as being quite so strange. In fact, Thundercats are just a rich man's G-Force, except that they don't have to change into their super hero suits, and they are dressed up like cats rather than like birds.

Speed Racer never had a chance against Family Guy and Futurama on Cartoon Network. Those two are really good, except that they each only have 20-40 episodes, it seems.

This season's American Idol

Last week's vote-off of the Jennifer chick really raised some ire in theskinnyonbenny household. She was one of the two or three best singers the last couple of weeks. I was pretty annoyed about it myself. In fact, just thinking about it now makes me want to spit on my keyboard.

Notice this too: every time someone finishes second-to-last, they are safe the following week. Good news for Fantasia, who should clearly take charge of the competition at this point. If she gets voted off, I'm going to be really bitter.