October 10, 2007

This week and next, we're in Athens, Georgia. Mrs. theskinnyonbenny is here for her work, so we packed up the whole family human members of our family and moved into a condo downtown.

We're just off the UGA campus, and I've always liked checking out other college campuses when I travel. I haven't had a chance to explore yet, but there's not doubt that I'll become quite familiar with the layout.

We're in Athens' "downtown," which is about a 10 square-block stretch of bars, restaurants, and little shops. Almost every place has tables outside along the sidewalk which makes it a much cooler town than most. I haven't been out and about much, but the people I've encountered are helpful and friendly.

Georgia, Georgia Everywhere

I'll go ahead and make the early call that this is my favorite town in Georgia.

The place we're staying is geared toward bulldogs who need a place to stay when they come in from out of town for game day. I'm completely surrounded and saturated with the UGA gear. I'm going to take pictures and put up a photo gallery at the end of our stay with all of the UGA shit. I can not focus my eyes in this building without there being something that's black, red, or adorned with a bulldog.