APPRO Christmas Ridicule

December 23, 2004

In the interest of job security, I don't normally use this forum to make fun of my employer too much. But once in a while, the satire gods throw you such a beautiful opportunity, you can't pass it up. You see, some genius at work had the bright idea for each different team to take a picture, to format that into some sort of Christmas greeting PDF file, and to send those out to the clients that this particular team supports. As my emailed response to these put it, "let the ridicule begin..."
Here's a shrunken version of what the whole thing looks like. Doesn't getting something like this in your email just fill you up with holiday cheer? I'm welling up just a little bit from looking at it now. I don't deal too much with outside vendors, but the few that I have worked with have all had the sense not to send something like this to me. And they don't even know about this web site. Let us proceed...

Let's start with this group of fine looking guys on the left. What you guys can't possibly know is the story behind this part of the picture. You see, that's me standing in the back, and I have one thumb up each of those guys asses. Now take a good hard look at the photo, and it will all make sense.
Now for the group on the left. With the exception of the tall one, they all appear to find this exercise distasteful. The guy on the far left is clearly plotting something evil and has trouble disguising his glee at said evil scheme. They guy on the right looks right at home for this impromptu photo opportunity, although I imagine that he's a little stressed to not have an ascot to wear.
Although this lady has a similar name, the one listed in the caption is an altogether different APPRO employee. Hey, seven names out of eight is a pretty good average.
One other team has had the guts to share their greeting card with me.
I don't think I really need to explain what's going on here. They guy in the foreground just farted. Only the lady in front smells it so far, but those two in back must have heard it squeak out.
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This has been fun. If I get hold of the other teams' photos, we might just do this again.