Another Cartoon Post

June 14, 2010

Vanya is all-in on an initiative to talk like Looney Tunes. For a couple of weeks, he's been known to throw out a "What's up Doc?" as he eats something that requires bringing hand to mouth. It doesn't have to be a carrot. A pretzel, slice of apple, or even a sandwich will do.

On Sunday, I heard him say quietly to himself "What's the big idea," and I suspected that this would come up in conversation soon. And it did. After I rewired an electrical outlet, he came through the room where the outlet was and said, "Papa, what's the big idea with this plug?" Since then, he's dropped a couple more big ideas.

I'm looking forward to the inevitable "Sufferin Succatash", as well as Foghorn Leghorn's, "Ah say, Boy!"

While we're on the topic of cartoons, you may have seen this action figure on Mrs. theskinnyonbenny's Facebook page. We took Vanya to Target on his Gotcha Day, with the mandate that we would get him any one toy that he wanted. We played in there for probably an hour. There were dozens of Toy Story toys (including a giant $100 Buzz who walked and talked via remote control), but we also played with all kinds of superheroes and robots.

Lamest Action Figure ever. She's not even weighted in a way where it's possible to make her stand up.

There were several packs of three action figures called "DC Universe." Except for one, all of those had three super heros. The one that Vanya chose had Batman, a general, and an overweight black woman in a business suit. It is perhaps the oddest package of action figures ever marketed.

I knew that he just wanted Batman. I showed him several other Batman packs. Batman with much cooler costumes, Batman on a motorcycle, but I couldn't outweigh the appeal of Batman plus two other characters.

The thing with the other characters is important. He already has at least one Batman action figure, so his marginal gain was just the general and the overweight business woman. Surely even a four year old can recognize this as a stupid choice. During the narrowing down process, I identified this as the ONLY TOY OUT OF THE HUNDREDS THAT WE PLAYED WITH that I really objected to.

But when we tired of the incessant playing, his clear choice was this particular action pack.

When we got home, I went to the internet to find out who the business woman is. Nerd readers can set me straight, but I got that there's one series of cartoons where this woman is the super heroes' government liaison. Since he actually has no powers, the super heroes delegate the governmental paper work to Batman. I guess Robin, Zan, and Gleek are all dead or something.